Moin Moin Wrap is made from silicone and is safer to use in cooking than plastic or aluminium foil

Moin Moin Wrap is designed to make your

  • preparation
  • ​​cooking
  • reheating
  • serving and 
  • washing up 
easier, quicker  and more enjoyable



Use the Moin Moin Wrap to steam your moinmoin, bake your cakes, steam your puddings and cook your eggs and other dishes in the 




Oven and 


Available in the following sizes & colors

1  Small:  4pcs x 160ml each in a pack. Green color only

2  Large: 3pcs x 260ml each in a pack.  Green and orange color



  • ​Reusable 
  • Modern eye-catching design
  •  Non-spill lid, allowing the space in the steamer/cooking pot to be maximised
  • Strong & Durable, therefore long lasting
  • BPA free and Non-toxic
  • Usable between -40C & 230C
  • Oven, Freezer and Microwave safe
  • Portion control, good for individual servings and dieters
  • Nonstick interior makes it easy to remove food from the wrap
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Reduces cooking time, hence saving on energy
  • FDA approved

      Do not use any sharp or pointed utensils on these wraps




The Moin Moin Wrap can go straight from the steamer or oven to the freezer and when you are ready to eat, into the microwave


The Moin Moin Wrap is a versatile product and can also be used for preparing, cooking and storing many other dishes

It can be used to

  • Bake cakes
  • Steam puddings
  • Poach eggs
  • Steam ekuru
  • Make eko/agidi
  • Cook Tamale
  • Store baby foods
  • Microwave baby foods
  • Freeze foods