The Product

The original idea and concept for the Moin Moin Wrap came as a desire to provide an alternative to the local leaves used in West Africa to make a popular dish known as moinmoin or olele, also known as African bean cake.


These leaves are not readily available outside of Africa, especially in the USA and Europe


The African community in diaspora have improvised using aluminium foil and plastic bowls


The Moin Moin Wrap is a healthy long term alternative to using leaves, plastic bowls, aluminium foils and plastic bags



How to use the Moin Moin Wrap


  • Fill your pot/saucepan with water cover and turn the heat on low
  • Fill the Moin Moin Wrap almost to the top(leaving a little space) with your beans mixture or any other food item to be steamed
  • Cover securely with the lid and place directly in the cooking pot/saucepan now filled with boiling water/steam
  • NB: You can place the Moin Moin Wrap sideways without spillage to maximise the space in the cooking pot
  • Check the cooking pot regularly to ensure that the water does not dry up in the pot

Baking & Microwave use

Use as would any other container in the oven or microwave

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